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S.CORE is a web-based system for automatic image analysis which offers a convenient, cost-efficient and powerful alternative to existing image analysis systems on the market. Use the power of S.CORE whenever image objects have to be enumerated, charted or statistically described. S.CORE offers the use of sophisticated standard analysis modules as well as customized solutions.

So far our standard analysis modules focus on solutions for cell culture technology (click for a free trial):

The web-based system S.CORE eliminates the usual administrative effort of an automatic image analysis system. S.CORE is operated through an individualized internet portal which can be accessed 24/7 from every workstation with internet access around the globe. The data extracted from image is available in a common data format for subsequent processing.

The grouping of resources through the use of the internet allows us to offer the high-quality and high-power technology of S.CORE at a competitive price. You can use the systems for image acquisition which already exist in your laboratory. The expenses for purchasing specific hardware for image acquisition, which accrue with many stand-alone systems for automatic image analysis, are eliminated by S.CORE.

The powerful hard- and software system in the data processing center of S.CO LifeScience represents the core of S.CORE. The innovative software technology based on the Definiens Cognition Network Technology facilitates the adaptation of the analyzer to the individual requirements of the client so that nearly all image analytical problems can be solved by S.CORE.

S.CORE: The easy way to automatic image analysis

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New S.CORE Module for optimal quantification of tube formation assays: Tube Formation Assay

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